RIGMAROLE -Vernal Days-  ・・・・・・あらすじ登場人物

最終更新<2013/07/20>・・・・・・第1章11th -We got to know each other.-
第1章 vernal breeze
Prologue. ◆-White sleeper-
1st. ◆-a gust of wind-
2nd. ◆-exam fight-
3rd. ◆-sleety sky-
4th. ◆-under the blossoms-
5th. ◆-the sun of righteousness-
6th. ◆-spring tournament-
7th. ◆-lunatic storm-
8th. ◆-the moon of unrighteousness-
9th. ◆-a last person-
10th. ◆-interim report-
11th. ◆-We got to know each other.-
12th. ◆-infernal watchdogs-
1. ◆Myosotis(※本編後)
1. ◆Her hour has come.
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